Friday, 22 August 2014

Blue heaven herbal Kajal

Blue heaven herbal Kajal

Hi beauties,
                 How are you all? Sorry for not posting yesterday. Yesterday was a "busy-busy" kind of day for me. I was so tired because of tight schedule even my tiredness is not gone today :( :(
                Now let me come to the point today I'm reviewing a makeup product which definitely has place in vanity box of every Indian girl/woman. I'm sure it is the favorite makeup product of most of the Indian girl/woman.
                I'm going to review a kajal. It's not just a kajal but a herbal kajal which means it is 100% safe for using on waterline.
               One advice for all pretty ladies that don't use a kajal on waterline which contains harmful chemical/toxic it may cause allergies or infections. Eye is one of the most sensitive part of one's body so please circumspectly choose products for eyes.

Blue heaven herbal Kajal:

  • A formulation enriched with herbal and natural ingredients.
  • No harmful artificial colors have been used, made from pure vegetable natural color free from toxic chemical.
  • Lead free kajal
  • Goodness of honey that heels your skin and a proven anti wrinkly, soothing agent.
  • A formulation with richness of pure and natural DESI GHEE that proven nourish-er from decades which improves the eye sight.
  • Contains anti microbial CAMPHOR which protects your eyes from infection, contamination as well as imparts cooling effect on your eyes, keep burning sensation away and makes your eyes stress free.
  • Having pure and natural ALMOND OIL that keeps nourishing, protects your eyes from itching, rashes and dryness.


             Rs. 60 for 3 grams


                         Blue heaven herbal kajal is a conical shaped kajal comes in a retractable tube resembling a lipstick package. the cap is transparent in color with Blue Heaven Herbal Kajal printed on it. This whole packaging is made of chip plastic but we can't expect good packaging only in just Rs. 60.

My Experience:

                                 Earlier, I was using Maybelline colossal kajal which is one of the favorite kajal of most girls but not mine because when I applied it I end up with panda eyes and it stayed only for 4-5 hours on my eyes. That time I was not taking care about what should I apply on my eyes. But one day I read a very informative article about eyes and from that very first moment  I was aware for my eyes and decided not to use a kajal which contains harmful chemicals.
                                I started my hunt for herbal kajal and read reviews about different-different herbal kajals but not impressed by any of them and one day my hunt ended when this kajal came in my life :) :) :)
                               Blue heaven herbal kajal became my favorite kajal from the first day I used it and it is still my favorite kajal. It doesn't give me panda eyes. It fulfills what it claims and one of the most important thing it smudges very little almost negligible and does not sting eyes.
                             This kajal stays on me for whole day and stay in place until I remove it. It can be easily removed by using any eye makeup remover but I'm using coconut oil because it removes eye makeup better than any makeup remover.

Texture & Color:

                                   Blue heaven herbal kajal is smooth in texture and it is jet black in color.


                        It is quite good in pigmentation. It gives good color in one swipe but at least two swipes are required.



Would I recommend it? :

                                                   Yes, definitely. This kajal deserves place in everyone's vanity box. If you are suffering from panda eyes/staying power/smudging problem than you must try this one.