About me

About me :
  Hi beauties,
                        I'm a makeup addict girl or you can say I'm makeupoholic :P :P :P
Are you thinking what's my name ? ? ?
Well it's a secret  till now but one day I'll reveal this secret ;) ;) ;)
But for your kind information  I'm a engineering student and live in Udaipur but my hometown is Ahmedabad.
I have started this blog to express my love for makeup + fashion + skin and hair care (most important). I love makeup  but I also care for my skin and hair. Ohhhh shit! I forgot to tell you that I'm just a beginner in this huge world of makeup. So my blog is also helpful for beginners.
And as a beginner I would like to take some advice/tips from you. So if you have some advice/tips  I would like if you'll share it with me.
So, this is too much for now.
Some more gossip for next time.
Till that take care <3 <3 <3
                                                                     Loves from,  
                                                                :-* :-* :-*
If you want to contact with me or want to tell/share something then email me at :