Tuesday, 26 August 2014

5 tips about using honey for hair care

5 Tips About Using Honey For Hair Care:

                Hey beauties,
                                     Hows your day ?? I hope it is good :) :) :)
                                     Today I'm talking about benefits of honey for hair. You must be thinking that my last 2 post contains honey and now again honey. But what I do I could not control myself from sharing the miracle properties of honey :p :p :p ( Don't worry girls this is last post on honey I'll tell you more about it if I'll find something but in future not yet)
                                  You remember I shared 5 tips about using honey for skin care. If you didn't read it than read here.Today I am sharing 5 tips about honey for hair care.

                                 As I told you yesterday that honey serves as an excellent hair conditioner. It make hair shiny and lustrous. It contains anti-bacterial property which helps to have healthy scalp and most important thing it acts as a humectant means it prevent hair loss.
                               Hair loss treatment with honey are not new and they have been around since ancient times, but they are not widely known. Honey in combination with other natural and in some cases with synthetic ingredient can do miracles in stopping hair loss and baldness.

5 Tips About Using Honey For Hair Care:

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon honey with one small glass of brandy or vodka and onion juice, rub this mixture into the scalp every night, cover with a cap and shampoo in morning. According to Ayurveda a mixture of honey and alcohol can stimulate and promote hair growth. 
  2. For hair growth take 9 parts of honey and 1 part of water in a bowl and mix it well. Massage this mixture onto your scalp properly . cover all your hair from root to top. Let it works for 3 hours. Now rinse it off with warm water. Repeat this ones a week.
  3. Mix some honey with egg yolk and massage this onto the scalp and hair. Leave for 1/2 hour, then wash. This is a common natural cure for dull and dry hair.
  4. Using Honey as a Shampoo :                A tablespoon of honey can be added to your regular shampoo to amplify the benefits.
  5. Using Honey as a Conditioner :           Add a tablespoon of honey to your regular deep conditioner along with a tablespoon of carries oil ( olive, castor, coconut ) . Let it sit for an hour or more or under a dryer for 15-20 minutes and feel the difference.